Interested in being a part of the Theobroma Chocolate Company team? We encourage you to fill out our application here or contact Carrie directly at

We're currently looking to hire for multiple positions. See descriptions below:


This position covers a wide range of duties and responsibilities, the foremost being producing a high amount of chocolate bars during the spring and summer. In the off season this include product development. For more details, please contact Carrie at or (907) 966-2345.


Predominantly working in the production side day-to-day, which will include being part of the team during the runs (chocolate making process) in the mornings. This is a very hands-on process with the intent of creating a high-quality product. In the afternoons, we will wrap, label, and get the chocolate ready to send out. Additional responsibilities will include cleaning up after the runs, pulling and packaging orders, taking part in team meetings, and other miscellaneous tasks.  

In the fall and winter, we take part in multiple markets and work as a team to create fun seasonal flavors and items. As a member of our team, we will want your input on what these items and flavors will be each year. Working markets and pop-ups gives us the opportunity to connect with our community and customers. In November, select employees travel over to Juneau for the Thanksgiving Weekend Public Market. We hope to take part in the Sitka Holiday Market, in addition to the one in Juneau, as well as the WhaleFest Marketplace this year.  - Starting pay is $15/hr with plenty of room for growth as well as health benefits after 6 months. 


This position covers many of the same responsibilities as the full-time positions.  However, there will be less hours of work during the slower seasons. If you are looking for a summer job, we suggest applying for this position! - Pay is 15/hr

We look forward to meeting you!