A message from: Ed Iwamoto, President of Theobroma Chocolate Company

The name "THEOBROMA' may have some of you curious. One day, years ago, I was reading an article about one of my favorite foods and came across the biological or scientific name of the cacao tree (where chocolate comes from), Theobroma cacao. Theobroma means "FOOD OF THE GODS" in Latin. It seemed an appropriate name for such a unique food and I thought if I ever started a chocolate company I would so name it.

I did and I have.

A name like that implies our chocolates are pretty darn good. I think so! If I don't like the taste of candy, we don't sell it. I don't like chocolates that are overly sweet, se we won't make those gooey sweet centered kinds, and to the chagrin of some of my friends I don't like coconut, so no coconut centers. I do like nuts, caramels, toffees, and those rich creamy buttery chocolate truffles, so you will find those types in our assortment boxes. Hey, if I don't like something, how can I tell if it is a good one? I want to provide you with chocolate candies that I truthfully think "Taste Great." We promise to do our best to provide you with a high quality product that you will enjoy. If for some reason you are not happy with something from Theobroma let us know and I'll personally do my best to make things right.

Quality is Theobroma's Highest Priority!